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2 September 2012

Asylum of the Daleks

In Short

This cannot be faulted as s series opener. The daleks are re-introduced as a major power and made to feel dangerous again.

Things to Like

This is one of those stories with something for everybody. Long-term fans can play 'spot-the-dalek' and listen out for references to old stories. New fans can just enjoy the story that is pleasingly full of spectacle and mis-direction. There is even soap-style love story.

The plot plays nice tricks with audience expectations. The old companions are yanked back in to series against their wills after we presume they are finished with and the new companion character made the subject of a plot twists that go completely against the norm and yet is signalled from the start.

Things not to Like

The asylum planet itself could have done with a little more justification. Daleks have never shown any squeamishness about killing other daleks in the past. Nor do they do so in this storey.

Some things were done purely for visual effect rather than believability. For example, dalek agents can now erupt bionic implants. I am the first to admit that these are a million times better that the old 'dalek hats' ( ) but it makes no sense. The agents are supposed to be undetectable, not full of metal. How could they work as infiltrators otherwise?

Similarly, the imprisoned break free of their chains. Very dramatic of course, but if they can do that then what possible reason could there have been for chaining them up in the first place?

The 'Doctor who?' gag has also become overused. Perhaps it will be the ‘Bad Wolf’ of this series, but if not then it feels wrong to use it as a joke after the climax of the last series.

Things it is like

  • Resurrection of the Daleks
  • Revelation of the Daleks


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